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Our Service

The most important part for us, is our free survey of your carpet or upholstery to ensure we achieve the best possible results.

We carry out a number of tests to establish the type of Fibre or Fabric and its construction along with how any colours may react to cleaning. This allows us to understand and apply the most appropriate cleaning method.

We will inform you of any possible permanent staining.

We'll ensure that we take care of your carpets/floor or upholstery. Whilst we clean, regardless if these are to be cleaned or not.
We will use our commercial vacuum cleaner to extract dust and grit prior to any cleaning.
Carpets - Treatment of stains will be prior to the main clean.
Treatment of stains will be undertaken post main clean. (We will endeavor to remove any stains although we can't guarantee every stain can be removed)
On the appropriate cleaning method, we will pre-spray the Carpet or Fabric with an appropriate cleaning compound designed specifically for your fabric or carpet fibres. We'll work the pre-spray in using an appropriate brush, evenly distributing the cleaning solution.
On the appropriate cleaning method once the soil has been loosened we'll use an extraction tool to flush out the fabric or Carpet fibre to remove the soil.
Carpets - On your carpet we will realign the pile in its correct direction. Upholstery - Where it has a nap, we will set it in the correct direction.
As an additional recommended service we'll apply a Fabric or Fibre protector to repel spills and soils.
We'll use high-velocity air movers to achieve quick drying times and cause as little disruption as possible.

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